Stalking Luca Currado–A legend in Italy, a superstar in USA and Asia, but an unknown quantity in Norway

Actually not Luca this time around, but his wife  – and the real boss in the family – Elena Penna.  On her, and Vietti’s, first visit to Norway. Stavanger and Oslo.

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In addition to some of the greatest wines on the planet – their 07 Barolo Villero won Gambero Rosso’s Wine of the Year honors in 2015 – but they are extraordinary people too.  Giving, passionate, curious, knowledgable, and humble.  Not to mention fun.  I will also put a word in for their barberas.  Together with Elio and Silvia Altare, and a couple of others (e.g. Maria Theresa Mascarello, Giuseppe Rinaldi, Roberto Voerzio), they are claiming the barbera grape belongs up there with the top grapes of the world.

Indeed, at last night’s “Winemakers Dinner” at Nedre Foss Gaard, both the 98 and the 10 Barbera d’Asti la Crena did not stand back for the 03 Brunate.

I will let the former importer (in Norway) take the fall for the blog title, and after having spent a day plus with their new importer, Fine Brands (Britt Engelstad, Janne Brekke, Bente Vamraak) I trust that the wine drinkers of Norway will discover the joy and eternal quality of Vietti’s wines sooner rather than later.

Vietti, Elena Penna, Fine Brands, Britt Engelstad, Piemonte Girl, Oda Emilie Randmael

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