Barolo Tasting Tip – Wander The Barolo Towns

Most people drive their own car.  Some take taxis.  A few even bikes.  The 11 towns of Barolo are indeed small towns on hills in the Langhe, with steep hills up and down.  And getting from one to the other takes time.  Or, as some would say, perfect for walking!  So, that is what we did, tried out what it is to actually walk the hills and valleys of Barolo.

0930:  Starting from our home in La Morra, Corte Gondina, we took a left at the bakery on Via Roma.  Rather than the route along Brunate and the Barolo Chapel, we cut left and walked through the vineyards beneath the city calls of La Morra.  Passing through Rocche, we hit the lowest point on our trip at the road between Castiglione and Barolo.  After a few hundred meters on the road, we took the road between the Brovia and Azelia wineries, just a stone throw from the Paolo Scavino winery on the right.  Do not tell anybody about this road, as it is a secret.  A secret that only the locals know –  that takes you quickly to Castiglione Falletto.

Bricco Boschis and Castiglione Falletto

Soon you will have the Bricco Boschis vineyard on your left, one of the hidden gems of Piemonte, if there is still such a thing.  Giuseppe and Alfio Cavallotto make top wines from this vineyard, which are also highly affordable.

Vietti in Castiglione Falletto

After a quick pit stop at Vietti, and Luca Currado, in the Castiglione Falletto town center, we walked down the barbera vineyards on the northeastern parts of town, took a right, and walked up again towards Serralunga splitting the Parafrada and Gabutti crus.  When in Lazzarito, your feet will be tired, but the Serralunga castle is now right in front of you.

Most importantly, when walking in the morning, the sun has been in your face the entire time.  And you are just in time for lunch at Centro Storico, perhaps the most iconic little Osteria in the whole of Piemonte.  The proprietor, Ciccio, will think highly of you having walked such a far distance, and such altitudes, and the service level will be even higher and better than usual.

Now, after lunch, I recommend taking a taxi to you next appointment.  It is enough walking for one day…..

Castiglione and Monforte seen from Serralunga trail

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