Barolo Tasting Tip – A Morning Run Through The Crus Of La Morra

Working up an apetite is always important, and especially important in a place where food is much more than important. Also, the wine you will drink later in the day will feel much more deserved if you exercise a little bit first.

La Morra Morning Run A

Anywhere from Via Roma in La Morra (the main road that runs through the town), take left at the bakery at the outskirt of southern part of town.  Run through “village” vineyards, until you have to make a choice between Cerequio and Brunate, where you will take a left (eastwards), and run alongside the top of Brunate. 

La Morra Morning Run B

Pass the Barolo Chapel on your left, and run all the way down to the main road between Castiglione Falletto and Barolo.  Take a left here.  This is the transportation stage of the run, but think of having the likes of Vietti, Brovia, Azelia, and Cavallotto, as well as the sun, on your right, and you will feel a tad bit better.  Follow signs for La Morra, and take a left (yeah, it is mostly left – this to make it easy to remember) up the Annuniziata.  If you after 100 meters pass Silvio Grasso on your left, you are on the right path.  A general rule here:  you should have the Lebanon Cedar Tree on your right now – all the way up to La Morra – if it isn’t, you missed the turn.  Here the crus keep coming – Bricco Luciani on your right, Conca on your left.  Pass Gattera, and signs to the likes of Revello, Molino, and Ratti.  Entering the Annunziata “city center”, you have the “new” Osteria Veglio on your right (you should definitely call and book a table there for lunch or dinner when the run is over – it was good before, not it borders on great), and signs for Curto, Allessandro Veglio, and Cordero di Montezemolo.  Corino is next, and your legs should be very tired by now (I did not tell you that it is a steep hill?).  But you will be all smiley with Arborina on your right, and Rocche on you left (two of the top crus of La Morra.  If you have it in you at this stage, you can wave good morning to Renato Corino, Mauro Veglio, and Silvia and Elio Altare. If you’re lucky Poletta or Leone will bark back.

The rest of the way is simply just hard work.  The towering sight of La Morra will come closer and closer, and just before you know it, you are back where you startet.  Feeling good about yourself, and ready for a hard days work of tasting wines and eating great Piemontese food.

La Morra Morning Run C

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