Barolo 2011 Tasting – Final Preparations

Get settled

Few thing is better in life than arriving at Corte Gondina in La Morra, Piemonte.  The hospitality of Bruno and Elena lives in the walls of this small, what they call, boutique hotel. If you’re lucky you will get to meet their kids as well.  In the morning you will for sure recognize Elena’s father, who tirelessly checks on the quality of the breakfast, cuts the prosciuotto, or reads the morning paper outside in the garden.  Remember to book room early, as this establishment is hardly a secret anymore.

Corte Gondina Springer 2013 A

Fill her up

Wine tasting on an empty stomach is a no no.  Take the short walk up to Ito, Selena and the gang at More e Macine.  Don’t get fooled by the cafeteria like interior, or the casual style of Ito and his crew – their grub is top class, and both their tiramisu and panna cotta are legendary.  Add to that a very complete wine list, and you are bound for a great evening.

Lamb at More e Macine

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