Barolo 2011 – Anything like 2001?

Always interesting to try some of your Barolo bottles 10 years later.  In general, if there is such a thing as general in the wine world, Barolos reach their drinking window after 10 years.  But recent years have told us, if anything, that both Barbarescos and Barolos are more approachable early than ever before.  As for 2011?  Well, we will find out in the next couple of days, when our Barolo 2011 tasting starts.

In the meantime, what about 2001?  Well, most of those we’ve opened the past year have told us that it is perhaps one of the best vintages ever in the history of Barolo, and that although they show great now, should be kept in your cellar for little while longer. 

Mauro Molino Barolo Vigna Gancia 2001

Mauro Molino’s Barolo Vigna Gancia 2001:  Disclaimer first: I suspect this bottle has not been stored or transported in an optimal fashion in its early life.  But still…  Warm fruit, vanilla, and toasted oak on the nose, suggesting the wine has not, and probably never will, shed the oak influence.  Anis, sweet pepper, and plum jam.  Silky on the palate, medium length, on the sweet side, perhaps a bit one dimensional.  Not showing the vintage really well (too ripe fruit, and too much new oak??), but still an OK everyday wine (especially for those who like Barolos on the sweeter side.

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