What Wine To Go With Vongole?


Ever since a legendary visit to Mangê in La Morra, Piemonte, where we had the most delicious Vongole (at that time, known to man), and Angelo suggested an Italian Pinot Noir (Les Cretes from Valle d’Aosta) http://bit.ly/1xwF5D1 to go with it – we have been going at it – i) trying to “best” the vongole, and ii) to check which wine pairing is the optimal one.

Vongole Bartolo Mascarello Groffier Cantina Granveien January 2014

Our latest effort came close….  I mean, I still recommend a visit to the Langhe and maria Cristina Rinaudi and Angelo Sibilla’s restaurant http://on.fb.me/1xwJLJ7 , but if you make Vongole with the right amount of love and patience, you can do it too.

This time the real deal, and entry level red Burgundy, and an entry level nebbiolo battled for the wine pairing kingdom.  Maria-Teresa’s effort is really a mini-Barolo, and went really well with the food.  Groffier’s Bourgogne Rouge took too long to shed it’s raspberry candy aromas to get into the contest (one have to eat before the food gets cold).  Hence, note to self, if you choose this bottle, open and decant it a couple of hours earlier.

To conclude, if you find some vongole at your fish market, buy a bottle of pinot noir or nebbiolo, set some quality time aside, and have a go at it.

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