Wine Travel Tip – Hug the Cedar Tree in Piemonte

Square in the center of what’s commonly referred to as the Barolo region, at the very heart of the Langhe, on top of the Monfalletto hill, stands a cedar tree – the cedar tree of Lebanon. Once you find, and see, it, you will forever after never miss it. You will see it from every angle and from whichever nearby nebbiolo-vineyard you might be strolling.

Cedar Tree A

Planted in 1856 by Costanzo Falletti di Rodello and Eulalia Della Chiesa di Cervignasco, ancestors of the current heir of the Cordero di Montezemolo estate, in celebration of their wedding, it was a mark of their love for the earth. Legend has it that the young couple wished for this sentiment to endure in the hearts of generations to come, and when you hug the grandiose and majestic 150 year old tree planted right in the middle of vineyards destined to produce some of the most sought after wines in the world, you are reminded of their wish, as well as the history and traditions of this land.

Cedar Tree C.jpg

Dating back to 1340, when Pietrino Falletti became the owner of the commune of La Morra, the Monfalletto estate is full of history. The noble Falletti family owned the estate for six centuries, through 16 generations, before it was handed down to Paolo Cordero di Montezmolo, the grandson of the Countess Luigia Falletti and the closest heir. Paolo, the father of the current owner Giovanni, revolutionized the wine making, and took the winery from a regional player to an estate with highly regarded products that are savored around the world.

Today,  Elena’s wonderful smile and Alberto’s deep passion welcomes you to this classic estate.  With great wines to booth.

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