Barolo Kings (or Queens and Princesses), Barolo Boys or the Barolo Girl? Part 2

Much has been said, and written, about the wines of kings and the king of wines, Barolo.  More again, has been written about the people behind these wines, the Kings of Barolo, and more and more, the Queens and Princesses of the Langhe.  We will do so too, and provide some advice on whom we think you should try to visit on your wine trip this summer (we just assume you’re going to Piemonte….), but first:

Still not a princess, still not a queen, and never a king, Giulia Negro has labeled herself the Barolo Girl. 

DSC_3117 - Copy


It is not that Giulia is new to winemaking, as her family has made wine for many generations at Tenuta Serradenari, currently 30 000 bottles overseen by here father, Giovanni.

Already as a teenager, Giulia got the chance on her own, and 06 was her first vintage. Her 07 Barolo La Tartufaia even got on to the Wine Enthusiast (an American wine magazine) top 100 list.  “This new-comer Barolo shows beautiful intensity and an inky dark appearance. The aromas are soft and yielding with sweet tones of wild berry and exotic spice woven between leather, tobacco and licorice.”  Not bad for a teenager.

German “WeinPlus” also liked what they saw (and tasted) and gave it 91 points.

Now in her early 20s, Giulia Negri makes the Barolo La Tartufaia, a Pinot Noir, and a Langhe Bianco (chardonnay). A small number of bottles, actually so few I have not been able to get my hands on any of them yet. 

But I have of course arranged to visit her, her vineyards, and “garage” this summer. And I think you should too.  For the wines, for a taste of what the future of Piemonte has to offer, and/or simply for a walk in the neighboring truffle-infested woods. 

After all, it is not every day you get to meet the Barolo Girl.  The real, and official, one.

Colour & Corke


Please come back to this blog later in the year for more on this young and promising winemaker.  And her wines.

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