Vino Della Settimana – 03 Domaine Michel Lafarge Beaune Greves

This might be less about the wine of the week, and more about the experience of being a wine lover and a frequent traveller, and why that is a difficult proposition.  First, the glasses:  When was the last time you found the wine glasses in your hotel room, or even the ones in the hotel restaurant (sure, it depends on the hotel..) to be of the desired quality?  Secondly, isn’t wine supposed to be enjoyed with great company, and if possible, looking out at the Mediterranean, smelling the fresh late afternoon air, and not by your lonesome in a hotel room?  And, finally, what are the chances that the local wine shop outside the hotel carries anything outside the average mass-produced run-of-the-mill red or white juice?

Move forward to last night.  I got a Beaune Greves by Domaine Michel Lafarge (yes, it was the 03 vintage, and I am pre-programmed to not think too highly of the Beaune reds in this vintage), in my meticulously cleaned and dried Vinum Chardonnay Tumblers by Riedel (that I bring with me wherever I go, and I seriously travel way too much), and some Prosciutto di (Parma) San Daniele to spare.

Lafarge Beaune Greves 2003

Domaine Michele Lafarge is known to respect the land, traditions, and defer from adding to much of anything to the process of making the wine.  And it shows.  An interesting mix of plum, gravel, and perfume aromas comes at you from the glass, more and more as time passes.  Interesting, complex, and long finish. A silky mouthfeel.  A great surprise, indeed.

Easily, even in a hotel room in Houston, Texas, the wine of the week.

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