Beaujolais Nouveau – Time To Start Taking It Seriously Again?

Last year was its 60th birthday, this perhaps the most famous of all “marketing success turned on its head” (in hard competition with candles in Chianti bottles..), Beaujolais Nouveau.  I missed out last year because of travel (see for article on it), and this year, well, I just missed it.

However, this year I did get my hands on the actual wine, and it made me ponder this question:  Given the quality of the wine (well, at least some of them), the fact that the great Beaujolais winemakers have joined in, and the overall quality increase of the wines from the Beaujolais region:  Is it possible for this phenomenon to shed its recent bad reputation and make a comeback?

Beaujolais Nouveau

I am not going to answer this question here and now. But I will do two things:

i) I will urge all you to try it out (if you can find Jean-Paul Brun or some of the other great winemakers, that’s great, if not, try the second best). It’s good value, and it is (I think) fun – at least a break from the sniffing and spitting of the serious wine world,

ii) I will not miss it next year.  I hereby promise to get my hands on the wine at release, tweet and blog about it #NouveauDay.

Look out for this page 11+ months from now!  And make your own calendar entry for Beaujolais Nouveau, so you don’t miss out.

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2 Responses to Beaujolais Nouveau – Time To Start Taking It Seriously Again?

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