Looking for Italian Wine and Grub in Singapore – Garibaldi is the Place To Go

Constantly on the outlook for great wine and good authentic food, I just discovered this gem in Singapore.  Chef Roberto Galetti offers Italian food the way it’s made in Italy (no cream, no tomato “sauce”) and serves them with wines that are not the usual (industrial, big name) suspects.  And, to finish it all off, he provides a Tiramisu to compete with the best of them.


Tiramisu at Garibaldi Restaurant in Singapore

Added berries, Grady texture, you eat through all layers per bite. Perhaps a tad dry, and perhaps lacking the little extra. But better than most….

This time I went with the sommelier’s wine recommendation, an 07 Barolo from Azelia. A wonderful, floral, and elegant, “base” Barolo. And, I guess, most importantly, it was drinking well now.  Wines from Elio Altare, Domenico Clerico, and other artisan producers are well represented in the wine list.  On a peculiar note, Mr Galetti must be a big fan of Pelissero.  As not only was almost all his wines represented, but everything from 6 liter bottles to half bottles and everything in between decorated the restaurant.

Whatever floats your boat, but if authentic Italian grub and great Italian wine is your thing, do not miss out on Restaurant Garibaldi.

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