Note to self – There are restaurants with OK wine in Asia

This is really a note to self, but also OK for others to read on.  For the longest time, I’ve always brought wine from home (our cellar), when travelling in Asia (yeah, I know, it’s a bit sad, but still true).  This time around though, it was to many stops, and I decided to travel light…..


On my way from Jakarta to Singapore, I checked out Wine Spectator’s Restaurant Awards, and noticed a restaurant in Singapore called Garibaldi.  Owned and run by a Milanese, Roberto Galletti, it was all that as expected and then some.  Food was true Italian (no cream, no tomato paste, etc.), and the wine list was everything you could ask for if you like Piemontese and Tuscan wines. 

And, as Mr. Galletti is the kind of owner who walks around in the restaurant, have a chat. He is a true lover of good wine (and food, I guess), and is worth taking notes from.


Me, well, although I really wanted the 03 Larigi from Altare, I let the sommelier decide, and he came up with the 07 Barolo from Azelia. Flowery, perfumed, balanced, and long, and a perfect companion to the pasta sampling dishes I ordered.

A curiosity note:  Mr. Galletti must be a big fan of Giorgio Pelissero, as most of his wines are here. Including a number of Imperial (well, humongous anyways) bottles.  I was eating alone, so a regular bottle sufficed….  But, no Pelissero, and no Altare, but a Barolo from Luigi Scavino of Azelia this time around. And a great pleasure it was.

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