Vinotrip ‘12 Theme – In Search Of The Best Tiramisu

Having had tiramisu occasionally for dessert for most of life, this changed when I had it served at Al Veluu Ristorante in Tremezzo, Lake Como a couple of years ago.  It basically put all other tiramisus that I had ever tasted in the shadow, as well as any other type dessert for that matter.  Since then, I have been in constant search for the top tiramisus of the world, and next week we are headed to Italy, the home of the tiramisu, and expectations are high. Al Veluu is again on our itinerary, having lost first place last year to More e Macine’s tiramisu (a wonderful trattoria in La Morra, Piemonte).  The race is on!

DSC_0148 (2)

The pictured tiramisu is from Enoteca Vinbar in Oslo.  A fun small Italian restaurant, with good value/great choice winelist.  But, no, it does not rank high as far as tiramisus goes.  Their pizza is as close you get to Italian pizza north of Central Europe, but it is OK to skip dessert. Don’t tell them I said that, they are wonderful people.

Keep your eyes here, and the next 10 days will provide you with tiramisu updates….

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