Vino Della Settimana–07 Barbera d’Alba Cascina Nuova, by Mauro Veglio

How come it took so long for Mauro Veglio to be Wine of the Week? Ever since that infamous trip to La Morra that landed us in Corte Gondina, and Corino, Altare and Veglio on our first tasting day, we’ve been big fans of their wines, not to mention Daniela (Saffirio) and Mauro (Veglio) themselves.  And we drink their wines regurlarly.  Being tipped by Siliva Altare that the 08 Veglio Dolcetto was the best of the La Morra hopefuls, we made it our summer wine, and did not regret a zip.

Veglio Barbera Cascina Nuova

Perhaps because they will always be the neighbor of Elio Altare, and thus will always be compared to their wines? No, not really.  We knew it had to be Veglio this week, after Inter(nazionale) beating AC Milan 4 – 2.  It called for a celebration, and for anyone reading this and planning to visit the Veglio estate: don’t speak to highly of the other team in Milano, and for all the Swedes out there: lay low on Ibrahimovic……  Maruo takes his soccer seriously..!

Anyways Mauro’s father, Angelo, like most La Morra grapefarmers, sold their grapes to the great wine cellars and7or cooperatives until 1991.  Inspired by his neighbor, Daniela and Mauro decided to producing wine under their own label.  From a little less than 12 hectars they produce approximately 60 000 bottles a year.

Veglio owns part of Vigneta Arborina, just in front of their house and winery, and parcels in Gattera and Rocche (both La Morra), as well as managing a plot in Castellotto in Monforte, owned by Daniela’s father.  Their four Barolos comes from these vineyards.

Their Barbera d’Alba Cascina Nuova, is like the name suggests from a vineyard just around their house.  1,3 hectares, with south/south-east facing vines up to 60 years old, produces approximately 5000 bottles per vintage.  This barbera stays in barrique for a total of 18 months.

The 07 is wonderful on the nose, with violets, berries, and plum. A tad vanilla from the oak (our experience from having had earlier vintages, is that with some more time, all the oak influence will be subdued), which is not to our liking, but is not intrusive either.  Elegant, smooth, and complex on the palate, and a spicy ending  In our opinion, up there with perhaps the more famous top Barberas (Braida’s top selection, Conterno, Larigi, Pomorosso, etc).

Reminding us that visiting the Veglios when in La Morra or in the Langhe is a must.  And, do not forget to get the latest information about everything that goes on in the Langhe while sipping on their fabulous wines – Daniela knows everything worth knowing, and then some.  Want to positively surprise them?  Bring a hard-to-come-by Riesling, Mauro’s favorite wine.

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