Is it possible to ever slow down the Bordeaux marketing machine?

Last week the vino writers, buyers, and sellers of the World went to Bordeaux, to taste the 2011 wines out of barrel.  Not a great vintage by any means, but even in the week leading up to the marketing event, Twitter and other media (including the “serious” wine mags) were full of Bordeaux stuff, and no mention of, say, the Vinitaly event in Italy, or any other wine region for that matter

We tried an experiment, testing out whether it was possible to have anyone out there in the vinosphere care for anything other than #bdx11 last week.

Twitter Bordeaux vs Piemonte


The result?  Well, other than the sole retweet by Oddero (of the tweet mentioning them), there was not retweet, no reply, or no other kind of mention.  Either from the #bdx11 crowd, nor the 2000 plus other followers of @howtowinetravel.

Verdict:  Barolo might be the wine of kings, but marketing is king in the wine world.  Hey, the leading vino writer in Norway, last week recommended 06 Bordeaux to 06 Barolo, on a question from a reader on wine to buy for his son born in that year……

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