Vino Della Settimana–2010 Dolcetto d’Alba, by Guiseppe Rinaldi

Read any book on Piemonte, or turn to any page on the internet on nebbiolo wines, and you will find reviews, news, and stories about Beppe Rinaldi and his wines.  Go on Facebook and a smiling Marta Rinaldi greets you.

Getting hold of the absolute stunning Barolo Brunate – Le Coste though, is a whole different story.  For years we have been stalking the importer here in Norway, circled the Vinmonopol (wine retailer), and searched online, to get our (fair) share of what in almost any vintage is one of the best wines in the wine world.  To this date, no luck…..

Another rarity (at least here at home) is Rinaldi’s Dolcetto d’Alba.  Although out of luck getting hold of the Brunate Le Coste, we were all smiles when we found (and acquired) a relatively large number of the 2010 Dolcetto in our neighborhood.

Rinaldi Dolcetto d'Alba 2010

The first that hits you when you open this, is that you should have waited.  Patience, my dear, is a virtue.  Rinaldi makes Dolcetto in the mold of Altare, Cavallotto, Massolino, and Cappellano, and is much like the Doglianis, a wine that gets better with some bottle age.  That said, it is way to good not too like right now.  It adds minerality to the normal dark berry nose of a dolcetto.  It is fruity and fresh, precise, and long on the finish.  Much more complex and “interesting” than many of the run-of-the-mill dolcettos on offer everywhere.  And, as this has been some kind if a “Rinaldi” week, an easy choice for Wine of the Week!

Rinaldi is no stranger to these pages – their Langhe Nebbiolo has gotten wine of the week honors before (read more about that here  And there is a chance – if they keep up their great work, and I think they will – the will be back.  Indeed we also had the pleasure of drinking Rinaldi’s 04 Barolo Cannubi San Lorenzo – Ravera the other day, and although that was way to early, the wine showed greatness and extensive pleasure already.

Rinaldi Barolo Cannubi San Lorenzo - Ravera 2004

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