Summer wine travel tip III Revisited – Have Pinot Noir with your burger

In our series, “Have wine with your burger”, we decided to try a new restaurant chain, and a new wine.  Restaurant of choice was Tony Roma’s (at Terminal A, Newark International Airport, Newark, New Jersey), and Bear Boat Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast the wine.  We went for the traditional Roma burger, and added mushroom to it.  From what was actually quite an extensive wine list (for a “fast food” airport restaurant) we went for Pinot Noir to stay on topic in our “series.


BearBoat Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2008


The burger was what you could expect, perhaps with the fries on the austere side.  As for the wine, serving it this warm makes it hard to say to anything about it, other than: “please, server you red wine a bit cooler”.  However, we’ll have a go:  Red berry aromas, much less vanilla (oak influence) than I feared. Soft tannins, medium long, with a (tad) spice ending. Bear Boat winery homepage says the wine’s good with broiled salmon, grilled chicken, pork cutlet, and fried Spanish (why not from any other countries?) Mackerel.  Now, you can add Roma Burger and fries to that list.

Although it’s name says Sonoma Coast, the wine is made from grapes  from Russian River (1/2), 1/4 from Sonoma Coast and 1/4
from Carneros.  It is aged for nine months in 25% new
French oak, 25% one year old, 25% two year old
and 25% three year old barrels (now try to say that quickly…).


Tony Roma's Wine Selection


Tony Roma’s is a chain restaurant specializing in baby back ribs (their motto is “Famous for Ribs”, but you do get steaks, pasta, and, yes, an assortment of burgers there too.   Their first location was North Miami (inaugurated in 1972), and today there are approximately 260 locations in 27 countries.



Tony Roma's Casual Dining Restaurant

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