Wine and Halloween–trick or treat?

Wine pairing in fall is usually easy.  It’s the time of year for truffles, lamb, wonderful vegetables, and game. Halloween, not so much. Turnip? Pumpkin?  Or, the apple bobbing game – maybe if the apples floated around in white wine? Not to mention cupcakes, and all kinds of disgusting candy?   So, we went for the pumpkin as decoration, and sweets for the kids only.  As a starter we served blackened trout fillet, for main course we had beercan (whole ) duck with freshly picked funghi from a nearby forest, and to end the evening we had chocolate/peanut-buttery filled apples.  And, to accompany it, we chose a “village” wine from one of the most renowned winemakers around, Domaine Leflaive, and a Premier Cru from a winemaker often perceived as large and industrial.




We said about Leflaive’s 09 Macon-Verze earlier when the wine got our “wine of the week” honors:  “09 Macon-Verze is typically Leflaive in that is is forward, and fine textured. Apple and pineapple on the nose, with some hints of flint. Medium length, impressive freshness and concentration for a wine at this price.”  And, this time around?  Well, it’s getting better and better. It should probably stay in the cellar for a couple of more years, though. And, it was wonderful with trout.  A very precise wine indeed, and perfect with food.  Showing Anne-Claude Leflaive can do it also with less-famous parcels, and it’s a great way (I think) to enjoy Leflaive’s wines frequently without breaking the bank.



My wife getting ready for Funghi hunting in a nearby local forest

Maison Louis Jadot makes wine from 154 hectares of Burgundy, from the Côte d’Or to the Mâconnais and down into Beaujolais. They own parcels in some of the most renowned vineyards around, and visiting the winery and get a tour by either Jacques Lardiere, Cecile Montout or any others on their large team, is a comprehensive introduction to Burgundy wines, both red and white. I will probably forever compare anything from Jadot with a 08 Clos St Jacques we tasted from barrel last year (which by the way was absolutely wonderful.  The 02 Chevrey-Chambertin Les Cazetiers does not reach these levels, but its floral nose is enticing as anything. Add to that lots of fresh red and black berry aromas,  and just a tad of oak, and that’s a pretty good red burgundy right there.  “No-one could dislike this wine”, says Jancis Robinson, and it’s hard not to agree.  Will probably not improve with age, but is fresh enough to suggest you can keep it and drink many years from now.



Home of the local funghi


No, Halloween is definitely not a wine-related celebration, but if you manage to keep two thoughts in your head at the same time, it is definitely possible to enjoy good food and wine on this day too.  As long as you let others eat the sweets, and walk around the neighborhood in ridiculous outfits, that is.  Thus, treat, not trick.



Beercan Duck, on the grill

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