Vino del fine settimana – 5th Annual Sau, Drylevin & Rauaraddel

Accompanying some pata negra, foie gras, and a homemade cajun-inspired crab-dip, was the 07 Langhe Nebbiolo by Cavallotto.  It has of sorts become our house wine of late, and I think we bought the last lot imported to our country.  Again, the Cavallottos are wonderful people, that make wonderful wines.  I’ll challenge anyone to find a not-so-good wine made by this family!  Floral, fruity, and balanced. At a great price, it is the perfect introduction to the world of nebbiolo.  More on the Cavallotto family and their wines here

01 Bricco Manzoni Rocche dei Manzoni, 08 Colin-Morey St Aubin La Chateniere, 07 Langhe Nebbiolo Cavallotto

This year’s starter created difficulties for the wine pairing: scallops, horseradish, pomegranate seeds, and padrone (spanish pepper, a generous gift from Norway’s best food shop – Gutta paa Haugen). We went with the 08 Saint-Aubin La Chatenière by Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey. An avid soccer player (he plays for the Chassagne Montrachet team), Pierre-Yves has since the 06 vintage been in charge of his own domaine (as well as a négotiant line).  This includes parcels in the grand cru Montrachet, premiers crus Puligny-Montrachet, Chassagne-Montrachet and St.-Aubin. Says Burghound about the wine: “A more intensely floral nose also reveals hints of white peach and pear with a background touch of sulfur. The seductive, pure and mouth coating flavors possess ample amounts of dry extract that buffers the firm acid spine on the punchy but balanced and notably dry finish.”  A tad oaky still (for our palate), but it stood up well to a challenging dish.  Nor sure this wine will ever shed the oaky notes, but it has the structure and acidity to become a great one.  

For the main course, the annual lamb dish from A. Idsoe, the best butcher this side of the arctic circle, we chose the 01 Bricco Manzoni by Rocche dei Manzoni.  Wine Manager Giuseppe Albertino told us to decant an hour before serving, and serving at 16 degrees.   And so we did.  The wine was very floral, elegant, and long, and the highlight of the evening – there’s always something special about drinking a wine at the exact right time (in its drinking window). More on Rocche dei Manzone here

Fungus for Sau, Drylevin and Rauaraddel

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