Vino della Settimana – 2006 Barolo Vigna Lazzairasco, by Guido Porro

One can talk of Guido Porro’s love of the land, his traditional approach to winemaking, and his extreme attention to detail, but the one consistent thing about Guido Porro’s wines that never cease to amaze is their pricing.   Whether it’s the price or the consistent quality of his Barolo from the Lazzairasco vineyard that has caused quite a cult following, we’re not sure, but the fact of the matter is that if you’re thinking about trying out the wonders of Barolo, and just cannot get yourself to shell out the 60+ US dollars for the average offering, Mr Porro might be your way in.

Guido is the 6th generation vigneron at this family estate, where they from 6 hectares produce around 25 ooo bottles from vineyards facing west/southwest just north of Serralunga d’Alba.  Vineyards located within the crus of Lazzairasco, Lazzarito, and Santa Catarina. Guido, like his predecessors, only use large Slovenian oak, and will contain that all wines are really made in the vineyard.

Lazzaraisco is located in the lower part of the more famous (and truly one of the best crus in the world of wine) Lazzarito, separated by a dust road.  It is facing south to south-east, protected from winds by the highest part of the hill.

This time around, we found the 06 Lazzairasco at Il Capriccio restaurant in Waltham, Massachusetts – just west of Boston. A wonderful Italian eatery, with great staff (Jan is our favorite), and for the type restaurant and location, and abnormal high quality wine list.

Guido Porro Barolo Lazzaraisco

Apologies for photo quality – taken with my son’s Blackberry

Color of the wine on the lighter (nebbiolo) side. Closed nose to start off with, but evolving during our meal. Flowery, licorice, and mineral aromas.  A touch of saddle, added my daughter. A delicate, fruity wine, with soft tannins, that is good now, and should be great after 8-10 years in your cellar.

And for 60 USD in a restaurant, and not that far from its big brothers from the Lazzarito vineyard in quality, it’s an easy choice for wine of the week.

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