Is there such a thing as a female winemaker?

Not a typical topic of How To Wine Travel, but we’ve been intrigued by the news (well, it has been around for awhile, but it’s still news to us) of female Austrian winemakers stripping off for a “Young Female Winemakers Calendar”.  The idea is of course to get publicity, that again will help the wineries and their wines.  The target group is said to be male wine lovers.

Austrian Female Winemaker Calendar

This begs the questions:  Would male wine makers do this? Will this persuade me to buy more Austrian wines?

I cannot vouch for anyone else, but when it comes to wine, I am interested in the wine, the vineyards, the winemaker, and their stories.  Whether male of female, who cares really? 

There’s an abundance of such calendars already (tires, anyone?), and I guess interest in these has to do with interest in other things than wine (or tires).  When I think of winemakers that are female, Ann Claude Leflaive of Domaine Leflaive comes to mind.  But, that’s because of the heavenly 03 Le Clavoillon we had this summer, and the appreciation we have for her/their great value Mâcon-Verzé.

Anne Claude Leflaive at Domaine Leflaive

Photo taken from Domaine Leflaive’s website

So no, because wine is why we are here, this will not cause us to drink more Austrian wines (we already do drink a lot of them – Austria has some great ones).   We are more in the camp of (female) winemakers like Arianna Occhipinti.  When asked whether she’d belonged to an association in Italy called “Le Donne del Vino” (“ Women of Wine”), she replied that she would join such an association “as soon as they create an association called “Gli Uomini del Vino” (“Men of Wine”).”

As winemakers go, there are big, there are small, there are modernists, and there are traditionalists, there are purists, and there are grandiose.  But to us, there’s nothing such as a female winemaker.

We have nothing against marketing in this business, but let’s stick to the wine, vineyards, winemakers, and stories, shall we?

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