The 2nd Annual #CabernetDay is coming your way on September 1st

@RichBakas is at it again. The “creator” of online “wine days”, “his” 2nd annual #CabernetDay is coming up shortly, on September 1.  Joining this event can be done in a number of ways: 

There will be physical locations where vinos can meet and drink and ponder the Cabernet grape. You can join through Google Hangouts video chat on YouTube.  Organize your own wine meetup and invite fellow wine lovers here. Join an existing event (or “breakout” here And, as this is a social media phenomenon, share your thoughts on Twitter using #CabernetDay.


Cabernet Day online


My favorite food (and wine) people, the folks at Whole Foods Market are sponsoring the event. If you have one of them in your neighborhood, visit to get some cheese, meats, and other grub to go with the wine.

Myself?  Well, I’m not too big on “Cabernet”, the same way I am not big on “Chardonnays” (I guess it has something to with my European heritage and palate – I like my white burgundies).  Thus, I’ll probably delve into some Bordeaux bottlings, comparing them with (Cabernet-based) Bordeaux blends from the New World, and finishing the night of with some of the Piemonte blends that include the Cabernet grape. Thinking about it, I’ll top the September 1st evening with a 01 Vino rosso da tavola L’Insieme from Elio Altare.  It contains 40% Cabernet, and part of the proceeds is allotted to a needy cause.  That should do it for me.

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