Vino della settimana–2003 Puligny-Montrachet Le Clavoillon from Domaine Leflaive

When we started writing about wine and wine travel, we took pride in writing about the hidden gems of the world, the great values, the “underdogs”, and the next great thing to come.  And so we’ve done, from the high quality Dolcettos of Dogliani, the next generation superstars out of Piemonte, to the 09 Fleuries out of Beaujoulais.


Sometimes though, you get to taste and drink some wines that are so profound, that you just cannot let them pass unnoticed.  The Le Clavoillon from Domaine Leflaive is such a wine.  Courtesy of the great generosity of a friend, we had a chance to taste it (it does not come very cheap).  It was a 2003, and we were a bit anxious before opening.  Not to worry, the wine was mature, yes, but still a lot of freshness left.  Citrus, peach, and some apricot. Minerally. Elegant, almost silky,  and long.  Yes, there are whites, and there are Chardonnays. But, then there’s white Burgundies.


The Le Clavoillon cru is located just below Folatieres, and next to Pucelles,  It’s hard to find a Leflaive bottling that is not good, and they’re still setting the standard for others to follow.  We’re just privileged who got the chance to have a peak.

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