Vino della settimana – 2009 Mirrasou California Pinot Noir

As I’ve been travelling the past week, and been on a strict sushi diet (with accompanying manufactured riesling), I thought this wine of the week should we something like “airport wine of the week”, as airport is the only thing I’ve seen outside of office building, my hotel, and Sage 400 Sushi in Houston, TX.

2009 Mirrasou California Pinot Noir at Chilis Too

So I went to my friends at Vino Volo, and did the “taste 3 pinot noirs” choice, accompanied by their serving of artisan cured meats. Finally, I (for the third time this summer) tried the burger (at Chili’s), this time the mushroom-burger, with the 09 California Pinot Noir from Mirassou.  And made it a contest!

First to go, the 09 Monterey County Pinot Noir from Elusiv. I’ve had it once before (, and it showed true to form this time around too. I often ask for half cranberry and half apple juice on plane trips, and this was something like a watered down version of that.. Second wine, the 09 Russian Jack Pinot Noir from Martinborough Vineyards, was also the second time around  Acutally a bit more disappointing today, as I found it a bit short.  Roger Belland’s 08 Santenay-Beauregard from 2008 had replaced the 07 Nicolas Potel Beaune 1er Cru Clos des Vignes Franches on the flight.  Forest floor and red berries on the nose, structured, earthy, and medium long. Not your classy red burgundy, but head and shoulders above it’s US and NZ competition on the flight.

Later, at Chili’s, it was my third tasting of the 09 California Pinot Noir from Mirrasou. Yes, it is a tad green, and not the elegance you like in a red burgundy, but I’m willing to give it the nod for Wine of the Week.  Served with a burger, in a not-so-perfect glass, at the wrong temperature, at the same time not pretending to be a Musigny-wannabe. Hey, you can get this at the Pharmacy (CVS), at prices the others could only dream of.  I know it is not our typical choice of wine of the week, but if you’re travelling through airports this summer, the Mirassou and a burger is not such a bad choice after all…….

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