Vino della settimana 2006 Barbera d’Alba Bricco Boschis (Vigna Cuculo)

The first thing you notice about the Cavallotto family is that they love the land, and everything that goes with it.  We started our visit in the vineyard, and 70 minutes later we had to urge Giuseppe, the older brother, to go inside and look at the cellar before we had to leave…  It runs in the family, their garden is almost like an arboreta, attended to by their father.

Cavallotto wine lineup


Many things is said about the Cavallottos.  For one, they never seem to put an average wine on the market – you can trust any bottle from them to be a good to great bottle of wine.  Others say they make wines similar to Burgundies.  I can agree on both, but what strikes me is their sincerity, integrity, and passion. It is almost like you can find these qualities in their wines.

Large Bottis in Cavallotto's wine cellar


Our wine of the week is their 06 Barbera d’Alba Bricco Boschis Vigna Cucolo. One of the better Barberas of the vintage, it is flowery, almost nebbiolo like, on the nose, dark berries, and spices. The oak is all but gone (should be an even better wine in a couple of years). Balanced and elegant, it differs from some of the power-Barberas around. We also tasted the 07, which has higher acidity, a bit more oak still, and a little bit less balanced.  A fine wine indeed, but would get as many of the 06 as I could, before you switch to the 07.

Cavallotto, Briccho Boschis vineyard


Of course, any of their wines is a good bet, so if you cannot find the Barbera, simply try their Dolcettos, Nebbiolos, Pinot Noirs, Grignolino, or Freisa.  My person favorites are the 06 Vigna Scot (dolcetto), 07 Langhe Nebbiolo, 95 Barolo Briccho Boschis, and the 04 Barolo Riserva Vignolo.  Open your heart, and your taste buds to the Cavallotto family.

Cavalotto, bottle painting outside winery

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