Summer wine travel tip III – Have Pinot Noir with your burger

We’ve all been there, arriving early to beat the lines and ending up waiting for you departure, long stayover between planes, or waiting because your plane is delayed.  What to do?  One need to eat, and it’s easy to stop by the first and best convenient restaurant or café.  Next time, choose a place that serve wine with the grub.  You’ve read the papers – sodas are not good for you, neither are all kinds of different fortified juices and ice teas.  And if water is the other choice, why not opt for wine with your burger?


For the second time, I chose the Chilis Too at Terminal B at Newark Liberty International Airport, in Newark, New Jersey. I went for Chilis’ new Avocado burger, with fresh avocado, red onion, and swiss cheese topped with avocado ranch on a wheat bun. With fresh lettuce, pickle (which I always remove), tomato and homestyle fries.  To go with that I opted for the Pinot Noir (the other red choice was Merlot, will try that next time around).  The 2009 California Pinot Noir from Mirassou. Note that the wines are not on the menu, so you’ll have to ask for it.


The glass is perhaps a bit on the thick side, but aptly shaped for wine tasting (and drinking). Wine served on the warm side, at 20+ Celsius would be my guess.  Mint, green berries, and hints of blackcurrant on the nose. Sweet and minty on the palate.  Short to medium length. $14.99 for 9 ounces for their biggest carafe.  A tad more than the burger.

No offence, Coke and whathaveyou, even burgers taste better with wine. And it somehow puts you at a different, and slower, pace altogether.  Next time, try it out.


The Chilis chain has more than 1400 casual dining restaurants, mostly located in the US and Canada.

The Mirassou family has been growing grapes and crafting superior wines in the sun-drenched hills of California since 1854, earning the family the proud distinction of being America’s oldest winemaking family. 2004 marked an unprecedented 150 years of family winemaking.

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