Piemonte travel preparations II – wine tasting

The trip is nearing, end of June, and we went through 3 more “samples” of what the great Piemonte region has to offer. From artisan to large winery. From Monforte d’Alba, via Serralunga, to La Morra.

Manzone Dolcetto d'Alba, Mauro Molino Barolo, Fontanafredda Barolo

The 08 Dolcetto d’Alba le Ciliegie from Manzone is all dark fruit, tobacco and some spice at the end. Fruity and rich, with an elegant finish. Quite for a no-fuzz dolcetto from Monforte.

03 Barolo Serralunga d’Alba from Fontanafredda confirms my notion that you can get good wines out of this winery, if you pick wisely. Very dark, full bodied, with silky tannins. Very fruity, all plum and blueberries on the nose, moving onto licorice and tar. Velvety, and long. We did not decant, and I think another couple of years in the cellar will do the wine only good.

Last but not least, we served the 01 Barolo Vigna Gancia from Mauro Molino. Notable less fruity than the Fontanfredda barolo, but all warm berries, licorice and mineral, and a hint of toasted oak still.  Silky on the palate, a tad sweet, and medium long.  Like the Serralunga barolo, this too should win by a couple of more years in the bottle. More than enough structure and fruit still, to eventually shed all traces of oak.

Anyways, both OK nebbiolo examples of the differences between La Morra and Serralunga.  Without having to break the bank.

Next tasting will feature a 99 Freisa, a Chardonnay from Monforte, and an undecided bottle.  Gotta hurry, trip is in 11 days.

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