Piemonte travel preparations–dinner and wine tasting

This year we’re bringing some friends to Piemonte for their first time wine travelling and tasting.  So we decided to invite them for a preparation dinner, with some Piemontese grub and wine.  Wild Boar ragu (made with dry red wine) was the the plate de jour.  As for the wine, we mimicked a typical winery visit where you start with the Dolcetto (assuming they have no whites), move on the Barberas, and finish it off with the Nebbiolos.

Started off with Elio Grasso’s 07 Dolcetto d’Alba dei Grassi.  Made from 30 year old vines from southfacing plot in Monforte.  Typical of the Monforte dolcettos, it adds licorice and mineral notes . Beautiful structure have you thinking wine of a different class than run-off-the-mill dolcettos. Gorgeous length. Get your hands on this one if you can.

Piemonte Preparations

The 04 Barbera d’Alba Superiore La Serra from Manzone (also of Monforte d’Alba) followed with dark fruits, violets (reminiscent of a La Morra Barolo) and spices. Medium length. At 7 years old, getting into it’s peak. Grapes from the La Serra vineyard in Monforte d’Alba makes up this wine.

To round it off, we served the 04 Barolo Pi Vigne from Silvio Grasso. The Pi Vigne is their Barolo normale if you like, and is sourced from family vineyards in La Morra and Barolo, facing south and southeast.  Sweet fruits on the nose, mixed with flowers and spices. Precise, fresh, and excellent length. Drink now, probably will not evolve any further.

Our friends are now ready. 30 days to go!

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2 Responses to Piemonte travel preparations–dinner and wine tasting

  1. lo stregatto says:

    Tonifad, I’m sure your friends will have a superb guide to introduce them to the magic of travelling and tasting in Piemonte! 🙂

    Don’t forget to take them for a walk through vineyards at the sunset…

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