Summer WINE TRAVEL TIP I – Wine and Hiking

Not to be mistaken for Marcialonga, who are for people who prefer energy drinks and granola bars to fine wine and slow food, and requires the presence of snow, Mangialonga is a non-competitive walk, and festival, in the vineyards of La Morra.


On August 28 this year, meet up with people from all over the world, taste typical products of the Langhe along four kilometers across beautiful landscapes and vineyards.


La Morra is one of the 11 Barolo producing communes in Piemonte. It houses renowned winemakers like Elio Altare and Roberto Voerzio, and famous vineyards like Brunate, Cerequio, Arborina, and Rocche dell’Annunziata


Here you will find suggestions on where to stay, eat and shop while in Piemonte.

If Barolos from vineyards like these, and vintners like Altare/Voerzio, do not float your boat, but you like the idea of enogastronomic hikes, here’s some sister/twin events in other wine regions this summer:


31st May

Portè Disnè – Canale / Montà,  Tel. 0173.976114 – Italy

13rd June

Charrois Gourmands Lantignié – Beaujolais, Tel. 0033.3.474692288 – France

14th June

Recreation Gourmande, Tel. 0033.5.57841322, Rauzan – Bordeaux – France

21st June

Oberrotweil Kulinarische Weinwanderung, Tel. 0049.76.6293200 – Germany

28th June

Escapade Petillante e Gourmande en Champagne, Tel. 0033.326599278 – France

5th July

Balade Gourmande – Ladoix S., Tel. 0033.3.80264530 – France

5th July

Promenade Gourmande Limeray – Amboise, Tel. 0033.2.47571419 – France

5th September

Will Grill Fäscht – Visperterminen, Tel. 0041.27.9480048 – Switzerland

6th September

Sentier Gourmand – Scherwiller, Tel. 0033.3.88922562 – France

13th September

Route Gourmande – Chailly, Tel. 0041.219628437 – Switzerland

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