Where to stay, eat and shop– Wine Travel in Burgundy

Burgundy is ideally located one hour and forty minutes south of Paris by train, a two hours drive from Geneva and Lyon international airports making it very accessible.


Hotel Le Cep and Hotel Le Poste: Both are in the town center of Beaune, which is at the heart of the Côte d’Or and the wine route. Stylish, friendly and furnished with tradition.

Hotel Le Montrachet: Located in Puligny-Montrachet, a town with less than 200 inhabitants. If your looking for peace and quiet, this is definitely it. http://www.le-montrachet.com/


Nearly all restaurants in Burgundy feature the regional classics on their menus, ranging from the Michelin-rated to the more accessible. Remember to book, as they quickly fill up, or stay closed.

Ma Cuisine often comes up first when searching for a place to eat in Burgundy. Much because of its extensive wine list, but also a great place to rub necks with the who-is-who in the wine world, and sometimes some wine loving celebrities

Still in Beaune, Caves Madeleine (+33 3 8022 9330), Caveau des Arches http://www.caveau-des-arches.com/ , and Le Bistrot Bourguignon http://restaurant-lebistrotbourguignon.com/ offers atmosphere, wine, burgundian specialities, and are sure bets if eating and drinking well is what you’re after.

Top-of-the-line, but not too formal, try out Le Chassagne in Chassagne Montrachet. Not the cheapest of places, but a profound culinary experience http://www.restaurant-lechassagne.com/ .

In Puligny, lunch or dinner outside on the pateo of Le Montrachet (part of Hotel Le Montrachet) is worth trying. Fusion style food, but umistakingly burgundian at the same time.

Staying further north, both Le Chambolle http://www.restaurant-lechambolle.com/contact.php in Chambolle Musigny, and Restaurant Simon (+33 3 8062 8810) in Flagey-Echézeaux are legitimate showcases of Burgundy and its culinary traditions.

Try l’Auberge du Vieux Vigneron for the real local grub. Here you will only eat the local stuff, next to the people working the vineyards and cellers, and their families. It’s a bit out of the way (15 min taxi from Beaune), but worth seeking out it that does not put you off. http://www.aubergeduvieuxvigneron.com/


Shop the wines you have tasted at the winery if you can. If not, try to find them, and many more, local wines at any of the village “caveaus”, e.g. Caveau de Chassagne Montrachet ((+33 3 8021 9606) or Caveau de Puligny Montrachet (+33 3 8021 9678). Moreover, wine shops are found in most of the villages and the large “La Grande Boutique du Vin” is conveniently located near Beaune.

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