Getting Ready to wine travel II–Preparations for Wine Tasting

So, now I’ve re-confirmed with the wineries, and I’m only hours away from departure?  Am I done? I can just turn up at the wineries, and I’ll be fine?  Well, probable, but there are some things you can do to enhance your (and the people around you) experience). 

Remember breakfast!  Never drink on an empty stomach applies to wine tasting too (we’ll assume that the wine tasting you’re planning is not the industrial smell, taste, and spit – only – kind). Eat whatever rocks your boat, but stay away from the spicy stuff.  And, do not ruin your taste buds by overheating them with coffee.  And, I guess it then goes without saying, do not bring coffee with you either – warm drinks ruins (at least alter) your taste buds.

Winetasting G

It’s not a date – do not apply lipstick and perfume before you go. Perfume distracts your senses. As  eighty percent what you get from a wine comes from the bouquet, you do not want anything to interfere with that experience.  Needless to say, but the smell of cigarette has the same effect.  And, if you do not care yourself, others at the same tasting probably will.  As for the lipstick, have you ever tried to wash lipstick of wine glasses?  Well, you have to scrub it off by hand, and if you want to make friends with the winemaker/tasting host, do your bit to ensure dishwasher cleaning of glasses is sufficient.


Plan not to get drunk. If that’s the goal, hit a bar.  If it isn’t, remember the following and you should be fine:  i) An average tasting is about a glass of wine – thus now you can calculate how much is enough for you;  ii) remember to eat – often breadsticks, cheese, salumi, or some other type finger food is offered, but bring some food on you trip to be on the safe side; iii) drink lots of water, drink lots of water, drink lots of water; and iv) do not forget lunch – you should already have booked it in your preparations for wine travel/wine tasting.

Finally, leave the wine snob at home.  He is not invited.  The portentousness and charade of traditional wine “snobbing” is not attractive.  Much more on both wine snobs (I actually think wine snobbing – nouveau style – can be a good thing….) and how to have a great wine tasting later!

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