Wine and Caribbean–a possible combination?

Wine is perhaps not what you think about when on the islands in the Caribbean.  Anyways, on Turks & Caicos, we found that their “Wine Cellar” store had quite an impressive selection.  We stayed away from the usual suspects (overpriced) like the 99 Lafite, etc. and chose a white burgundy,and a Piemonte red.

Sands Turks and Caicos

The white, a Pouilly Fuisse 2008 from Louis Jadot.  Orange crush and lemon. Fills the mouth, great acidity, and long.  For a USD 25 wine, and from Jadot, a positive surprise.  And fitting the warm weather!

The red, a 2004 Barbera Camp de Rouss from Coppo, was brownish in color, looking like it was on the old side.  However, forest berries and wet forest ground on the palate, even a hint of mineral. Warm, and still fresh on the palate, still lots of fruit left.  But would not leave it in the cellar for long…

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