On December 6th, Giorgio Pelissero was in town (Oslo), and we got to taste some of his wines, as well as listen to Pelissero the entertainer.  All-in-all 7 wines.

09 Dolcetto d’Alba Munfrina:  Dark lilac, fruity, perhaps a little bit green.  Light, easy-drinkable. Round, almost silky. Should help with some time in the bottle.

08 Barbera d’Alba Piani: A fruit bomb, tons of dark berries.  Silky texture, long finish. Drink now.

08 Langhe Nebbiolo: A little bit closed? Fruity and perfumed. A mini-Barbaresco for the cellar.

07 Barbaresco Tulin: Closed on the nose, strong tannins. Minerally, and plum on the palate.

06 Barbaresco Tulin: Cherry on the nose. More balanced than the 07. Surprinsingly open actually. Drink now.

07 Barbaresco Vanotu: A little bit closed on the nose, but flowers keep coming. Keeps its promise with peppermint, and perfumed flavors.

06 Barbaresco Vanotu: An absolut stunning wine. Astringent now, but should develop well in bottle.

Summa summarum a fun evening.  Good everyday wines. A pity Norwegian (Barbaresco) prices are overblown.

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