Some old greats, and new discoveries (Travel Notes Piemonte Long Weekend)

A tad late at Malpensa in Milano, we still got to Vietti in Castiglione Falletto before closing time.  And althought we did not get to taste either the Lazzarito nor the La Crena, we experienced enough to understand why Vietti is knocking on the door of the really great ones.  The surprise of the tasting was their 05 Barbaresco.  It does not get much press due to their other great wines, but a well above average Barbaresco at a reasonable price (Note: two days later we ate at their neighboring restaurant Le Torri, and accompanying great food was the immacculate La Crena from 04).

Bruno Giacosa was up the next morning.  A true champagne breakfast it was, with their Spumante at 0900 hrs followed by their Roero Arneis, Barolos and Barbarescos. Highlight here was the 89 Red Label Barbaresco Asili. A privilege to have tasted. Truly.

From the 400 000 bottle production and industry-like facility in Neive, we went to Gianfranco Allessandria in Monforte.  Almost the opposite on the scale in appearance, but not so with their wines.  The 05 San Giovanni Barolo is as good as any they’ve produced, and the Vittoria Barbera d’Alba is up there with the best Barberas.

Other than the aforementioned La Torri restaurant in Castiglione Falletto, we ate at Fior di Sale in Dogliani, Osteria Veglio and More e Macine in La Morra, and La Libera in Alba. the 3 ladder eateries for the first time.  Fior di Sale was just like our first visit this summer, just more crowded.  Knocking on Michelin’s door for sure. Osteria Veglio was everything as advertised, and if in Alba you should not miss the La Libera.  As for More e Macine it’s almost like a cafe, but theirTiramisu beat the ones we had the other Osterias and restaurants


Top wine:  04 La Crena from Vietti for lunch at La Torri. Best eatery: Fior di Sale.  Best tiramisu: More e Macine.

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